Saturday, October 13, 2012

Moon Cake Festival

During the Moon Cake Festival, which was about 2-3 weeks ago, we received a pretty red box of big moon cakes from my dad's client. They were really tasty and I think it would be the first time we celebrated the Moon Cake Festival. I didn't even know there was such occasion. Anyway, another client of my dad gave us more moon cakes. They're different moon cakes. They're individually packed and my dad said the boxes look like soap packaging but I like them anyway.

These had salted eggs and nuts inside and I like them better.

And then these were brought home by my dad, more moon cakes. Also given by one of his clients. These are Eng Bee Tin's. We used to buy their super yummy hopia in their branch in Binondo.

These are chocolate flavored moon cakes with salted eggs inside. Yum! Although these didn't have nuts in them I still like it because of the flavor. So I tasted three different moon cakes this Moon Cake Festival. I'm looking forward to more flavors next year! :)

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Recent Buys: Celeteque, Lip Ice

This is my second box of Celeteque Moisturizer. It's really good because it's water-based so it's super lightweight and not sticky. It's perfect for summer especially for people with oily skin (ahem). Haha!

This is my third stick of Lip Ice Strawberry. It's basically just a lip balm but it has a mild tint which adjusts depending on the color of your lips. I like it because the tint looks very natural to my true lip color. I'll make a more detailed review soon. :)

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Drawing and Painting Practice

The weekend before the new term started was spent for drawing and painting practice. I've recently discovered Valerie Chua's blog, Quiet Girl, which is really inspiring. She's an illustrator who traditionally paints stuff and makes a living out of it. Isn't that just awesome? Here are some of her works which I adore.

I especially like her postcards, not only the illustration but also the thought of giving it to someone. As a teenager raised in this generation, giving postcards to someone isn't really "in". If postcards were this pretty I would love to give everyone close to me at least one. But her postcards are a little expensive. I can't blame her though, since it's not really mass produced.

So I started drawing stuff inspired from Valerie and Tuyet who has a bit similar style.

These are my drawing attempts. Some of the girls were referenced in Valerie or Tuyet's work. I tried painting too but they didn't look the way I wanted them too. Haha! I'm very bad at coloring. Anyway, I'll continue experimenting on different drawing styles. And I'm also considering buying color pencils. I don't like coloring but I work well with pencils so I guess I'll try my luck on color pencils. :)

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Shakey's Treat

Yesterday my parent's had our clogged sink fixed. They had to dig the pipes and stuff so it was really really messy. At about 4PM or so, the family started to clean the whole house (sans my sister because she went to a friend's house). I was dead tired cleaning, there was dust everywhere. And to pay for the day's hard work, we were treated to Shakey's which is only a 10 minute drive from our house.

★★★★☆ Captain's Choice
Sorry about the low quality picture. I had to use my phone's camera on this one because I forgot to bring my DSLR. I regret not bringing it. I used to always bring it wherever I go but since I stopped blogging the habit stopped.

★★★☆☆ Friday Special
We were supposed to order the Angus Beef Pizza but they didn't have it. Maybe because the whole place was so jam packed. People were actually lining up because it was newly opened in a *newly opened* Pure Gold in our city. I don't get it though 'cos there's another Shakey's about 15 minutes away the opposite direction. I guess there's just something about a new place that makes people wanna go there.

Anyway, we don't eat often at Shakey's so I didn't really know what was good (except for their starters) so we ended up getting the Friday Special which we didn't like so much. The anchovies overpowered the whole thing, and man was it salty.

★★★★☆ Marble Brownie Ala Mode
This one I liked. The ice cream was meh but the brownie was actually good. It's crunchy even though it was soaked above from the ice cream. And it's kinda big, I think 4-5 people can share this one (that's based on how my family eat though, we like variety of small portions).

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Belle de Jour

The BDJ Fair is less than 2 weeks away! See you at the SM MOA Music Hall on October 14, from 10am to 10pm!

Aside from their interesting line-up of guest speakers and fun activities, I’m super excited to check out the latest editions of the BDJ Power Planner, Navi: Your Lifestyle Navigator, and their newest babies – the everything is possible planner and newest edition of the BDJ FMN notebooks! The best part is, they will all be available at the fair for 20% off! :D

Belle de Jour Power Planner
The Belle de Jour (BDJ) Power Planner is especially made for the Pinay fashionista achiever. The term Belle de Jour (bel duh zhoor') is French fashion lingo for "It" girl, and we have redefined it to mean the modern day renaissance woman who dares to achieve her goals, lives her dream life, makes a difference in her community, all while doing everything in great style. All pages reflect the uniqueness of the BDJ Girl. The BDJ Power Planner includes time-management principles to help BDJ Girls manage their life better, articles and affirmatioc ns to inspire them to live life to the fullest and over Php20,000 worth of coupons - to remind them of work-life balance.

NAVI: Your Life Navigator
Who wouldn't want to see the world? Inspired by the traveler who embraces uncertainty, NAVI: Your Life Navigator, reminds us about the importance of going places and belonging in those places. On their fourth year, NAVI 2013 encourages us to ask the important questions and to be patient with getting answers, while still keeping our life goals in check. With its low-key travel-themed design, inspiring travel articles, and plenty of space for notes every week, NAVI 2013 is the must-have planner for men and women who want to keep moving forward in life.

Imagine what you would do every day if you tell yourself that everything is possible? everything is possible is about simplifying life by creating concrete goals and breaking them down into achievable steps. Pick from our inspiring quotes to use as your mantra, and maximize our much-loved time management-based layout to help you be mindful of anything, big or small, as a real possibility. With its minimalist clean design, everything is possible is the planner for anyone itching for a fresh start.

Our BDJ Forget-Me-Not line is the ultimate companion to the BDJ Planner. Purchase one or all of these handy pads separately, for the endless things you need to write down.

Take a moment to write things down and never let a brilliant idea go to waste. CREATE/INSPIRE is your perfect idea pad.

Start with a clear agenda, organize your thoughts and assign tasks easily with DARE/ACHIEVE, your go-to pad for meetings.

Keep your cash in control and be on top of your tasks with SAVE/DO, your dual-purpose pad for tracking cash and to-dos.

Check out the newest releases of the Belle de Jour team at the 2012 BDJ Fair: Limitless! at the SM MOA Music Hall on October 14 with their discounted Fair Prices! Are you Bellas excited? I sure am! :)

Know more about the different BDJ Fair activities and sign up details here.

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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

French Baker Macarons

★★★☆☆ French Baker Parisian Macaroons
So I woke up early today and tried to fix my schedule but I, it's just hard to explain. I only have nine more units left and I'll be taking all of them this term. So this'd be my last. But the problem is I can only have my school classes during weekends because my OJT will be taking up my weekdays. So yea, I'd have to request for sections to be opened for my other classes. It's still raining non-stop. I hope it doesn't rain too hard tomorrow 'cos I have to go to Mapua and enroll.

Anyway, since I really don't do much these days except play Facebook games and polish my blog, I'd just be posting more food. Haha! What a better way to compensate. French Baker just introduced their Macarons recently. Macarons have been very popular lately. I've been seeing them in Pinterest and Tumblr a lot. And they're really pretty. I just wish I could buy a lot for photography's sake. I bought one of each flavors just so I can taste them.

So the flavors at the time were Mocha, Strawberry, Pistachio, Raspberry and Rose Scent (this one's not in the picture). Although I think they have a Chocolate flavored one also. Honestly, I can't even distinguish the flavors from one another except from the Mocha and Pistachio. Haha! They're o-kay but I'm not really crazy about them. And for 36 pesos each, man they are expensive! First thing I tasted in the Macaron was this nutty flavor which is understandable because the whole thing had almond powder and ground almonds (I just read it from French Baker's website). I'd probably give these three stars. I won't buy Macarons from French Baker again though. Although I'm glad I tried them, they were my first. But if you know better tasting Macarons sold here in the Philippines please do recommend. :)

P.S. They are called Parisian Macaroon or simply Macaron. I used both names interchangeably.

Churros Pretzel

Let me start off my post then with a picture of the first Churros I've ever made. Can you guess which ones were cooked first? Haha! I didn't think cooking Churros would be challenging. I mean you'd think they're just some fried dough right? Well, I had to test cook three pieces before I got the hang of it. You see if the oil's too hot, the dough browns up fast and the insides won't cook. And if the oil's too low, the dough will cook too slowly.

So yea, after a few tries, they seemed edible enough. Haha! I've been wanting to cook up some Churros since finals week. I've been eating some from Cioccolata (if you haven't heard of it, it's this neat cafe in Intramuros) while I was studying for my Economics exam. I can't say my Churros can rival Cioccolata's but I'm getting there. Just need a little more practice.

If you're wondering, here's the recipe for Churros.
  • 1 cup flour
  • 1 cup water
  • 2 tbsp. oil
  • 1 tbsp. sugar
  • 1/2 tsp. salt
In a saucepan, boil water, oil, sugar and salt. Then you have to remove it from heat and immediately mix the flour. Let it cool, and then mix and form the dough (Churros are normally just sticks but I formed mine like a pretzel just because it looks cute). Lastly, deep fry them. Oh, and for the chocolate dip you just have to melt some chocolate and a bit (maybe a half teaspoon) of coffee in a bowl over some boiling water then add some milk (just a little so the chocolate's not too sticky). Or you can just sprinkle some sugar or cinnamon over the Churros. This was the original recipe I found online but I'm planning to change the recipe, and add more salt and maybe some vanilla on the dough. :)

I've been cooking a lot since the term break so the family's already suspecting I'm making everyone fat. Haha! Anyway I'll be busy again with school on Monday so I'll be back to dieting. Still waiting to fix my schedule for the term though. It will be my last and it was scheduled at 7 in the morning. I mean, who fixes his term schedule at that hour?

P.S. It's been raining non-stop all day but I kinda like it. It's a chilly and lazy day.